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MRF Ltd., also known as Madras Rubber Factory or MRF tyres, is a Chennai-headquartered company in India, an Indian Multi-national company, manufacturing tyres, treads, tubes and conveyor belts. It manufactures various tyres ranging from cars, two–wheelers, trucks, buses, tractors, light commercial vehicles to aeroplanes.

Quantsapp Option Chain Analysis

  • Choose MRF from the search panel placed at the top left corner of the tool & get a Live MRF Option Chain holding all information From Price and Implied Volatility to OI and Greeks, with an easy-to-understand display at Quantsapp-> MRF Option Chain.  
  • Get Live MRF Future Price & know the Underlying Future Price for Weekly Expiries with the help of our Fair Price in the topmost panel in the MRF Option Chain.
  • Get Real-Time Options Greeks for all the MRF Option Strikes
  • Live Call & Put Options premium of MRF to provide you with decision-making insights. Volumes on all the Option strike prices to track the participation & liquidity on a particular option strike
  • Easily gauge the participant’s sentiments using Option Chain in Quantsapp with visually appealing Open Interest & the changes in Open Interest helps any options traders to the easy to understand color-coded OI in the Options Chain & also track OI based resistance & support levels.
  • MRF Call Strikes will have Open Interest in numbers & coded in green horizontal bar, bigger the Bar more the Open Interest & MRF Put strikes be coded in Red Horizontal Bar.
  • Biggest Green Bar might act as Resistance for MRF & biggest Red bar might act as a support, so just by looking at simple colour codes in Quantsapp Option Chain one can identify Resistance & Support Levels for MRF.

 Advantages of using Quantsapp Option Chain.

  • Easy to understand Free Option Chain holding a lot of information updating in Real-Time.
  • Real-Time Futures Price for all the F&O Instruments.
  • Option Prices for all the strikes auto-updating in Real-Time.
  • Live Implied Volatility to know uncertainty in your Options.
  • Real-Time Volumes in Quantsapp’s Option Chain help traders in ensuring that there is active participation.
  • Track Option Greeks: Delta, Theta, Vega & Gamma in Real-Time.
  • Open Interest & Change in Options OI to decipher Option Participants' reaction to any move or event better using color-coded Open Interest in Quantsapp Option Chain.
  • Options are sensitive to a lot of variables, Option Chain-> What if Analysis helps us in taking calculated risks by analysing the effect of changing time, implied volatility & price on the premiums in Real-time. The GO PRO plan of Quantsapp enables user to use the What if analysis to enable him to make trade decisions backed with data.

What is Open Interest?

Open Interest is the total number of contracts created by Buyers & Sellers which are unsettled in a derivative instrument at a given point in time.

How should we Interpret MRF Open Interest?

Though every Call or Put contract has both Buyer & Seller, Options OI Data is inferred from a Writers viewpoint as Sellers take a negative Reward to Risk & they have a fair understanding of the markets.

  • Call Writers view: Underlying neutral to bearish
  • Call Writers view when unwinding: Underlying scaling higher
  • Put Writers view: Underlying neutral to bullish
  • Put Sellers view when unwinding: Underlying edging lower

How to Buy subscription for option chain?

  • Step 1:- Sign Up your account with Quantsapp  
  • Step 2:- Click on your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3:- Go to Buy subscription select PRO/PRO+, Monthly/Yearly subscription, post comparing & getting information of the subscription plan, choose a payment mode.
  • Step 4:- You will be navigated to Payment Gateway, enter your credentials, hit pay now & start your journey of being a data-driven trader.