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JK Cement

JK Cement Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of Cement and Cement related products. At present, the Co. is a leading Grey Cement manufacturer in India and is one of the largest White Cement and Wall Putty manufacturers in India. The company has announced that it would enter the paint business, with an investment of about Rs 600 crores over 5 years.

Quantsapp Option Chain Analysis

    • Choose JK Cement from the search panel placed at the top left corner of the tool & get a Live JK Cement Option Chain representing all information From Price and Implied Volatility to Open interest and Greeks, with an easy-to-understand data layout at Quantsapp-> JK Cement Option Chain.
    • Get Live JK Cement Future Price & know the Underlying Future Price for Weekly Expiries with the help of our Fair Price in the topmost panel in the JK Cement Option Chain.
    • Get Real-Time Options Greeks for all the JK Cement Option Strikes
    • Live Call & Put Options premium of JK Cement to provide you with decision-making insights. Volumes on all the Option strike prices to track the participation & liquidity on a particular option strike
    • Using data from Option Chain tool and data in Quantsapp, easily gauge the participant’s sentiments with an easy to visualise open interest and changes in open interest bars. This also enables traders to determine supports and resistances of JK Cement.
    • JK Cement Call Strikes will have Open Interest in numbers & coded in green horizontal bar, bigger the Bar more the Open Interest & JK Cement Put strikes be coded in Red Horizontal Bar.
    • Largest OI Green Bar might act as Resistance for JK Cement & Largest OI Red bar might act as a support, so just by looking at simple colour codes in Quantsapp Option Chain, resistance and supports, the technical levels can be identified.

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